How to Keep Cool While Camping in Summer

How to keep cool while camping in summer

Summer is just around the corner, which means the temperature is starting to rise! There is no better time to go caravan camping than over the Australian Christmas holidays.

There’s no doubt about it that our Australian summers can get incredibly hot, but that doesn’t have to put a damper on your caravan trip. These tips will be your bible when it comes to setting up your caravan camp in the heat.

Create shade


Camper Shade


You can’t always guarantee that you will be able to find shade so attaching an awning to your car or camper trailer may be the only way you can hide from the sun. Having an awning set up means you have a space to relax, prepare meals, or even sleep with the protection of the shade.


Make sure you bring extra water! Bring more than you usually would on a standard camping trip. Camping in the heat can leave you dehydrated so making sure you have more than enough water is essential. Water can be used for a quick shower to cool off, cooking, re-filling water bottles, and cooling down your pets if they’ll be joining you this summer.

Cook Smart

The last thing you need is heat generated from cooking lingering inside your camper trailer or caravan post-cooking. Once your awning is in place, you will be able to set up your outdoor cooking area, ensuring that no unnecessary heat or smells are being trapped inside.

Shut out the heat!

Ensure that all caravan blinds are kept down to keep the sun out and that all windows and doors are opened, encouraging airflow throughout. If everything is kept shut all day it can feel like you are trying to sleep in a sauna once bedtime comes.

Location, location, location


Camping area Australia


It is important that some thought is given when considering where exactly you’re going. Will you stay at a caravan park? How you will set up?

Camping near areas of water is super handy when surviving the heat; there’s nothing worse than being stuck in what feels like the desert! Setting up under a big shady tree will also help block out some of the heat.

Cool Tools

Local camping stores offer some great accessories to assist you with beating the heat! Look into purchasing a tent fan which keeps the tent nice and cool while you’re trying to sleep or relax.

A hammock is also handy for those scorching days and nights! During the day when you’re trying to relax you can hang the hammock beneath the shade of some trees, giving you the opportunity rest and escape the heat. For those stinking hot nights, why not sleep out in the hammock under the stars?

Camping road trip Australia

Camping showers let you load up with cool water to shower under when there no other sources of water nearby during your camping trip.

These are some of our hottest tips for beating the scorching heat while camping in the summer. Caravan and Camper Megastore is the authority on all things camping, with over 30 years of experience. Have questions about camping or need advice on a camper trailer or caravan? Get in touch with our friendly team today!

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